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'''''*Moonlight Allergic:''''' No.
'''''*Moonlight Allergic:''''' No.
'''''*Mutation:''''' No.
'''''*[[Mutation]]:''''' No.
'''''*Radiation:''''' No.
'''''*[[Radiation]]:''''' No.
*'''''Mutation''''' is when the person/creature has been experimented on by scientific researchers.
*'''''Radiation''''' is when the person/creature has been genetically mutated by radioactive waves in accidents such as: Chernobyl.

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*Name: Forest Wolf.

*Kindred: Animale.

*Dangerous: 6/10.

*Poisonous: 0/10.

*Blood Drinker: Yes.

*Flesh Eater: Yes.

*Bone Eater: Yes.

*Vegetation Eater: No.

*Sunlight Allergic: No.

*Moonlight Allergic: No.

*Mutation: No.

*Radiation: No.

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